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Admissions Policy and application process

Applying for a Reception Place


If you would like to apply for a place for your child to start in our Reception year, you will need to complete an application form. These can be found on the Essex County Council website.


You can find the application process using the following link :


Many parents like to visit a school before completing the application form. If you would like to visit the school, we offer tours round the school throughout the Autumn term. Please contact the School Office on 01376 325116 if you would like to take up this opportunity.


You will also be required to complete a Supplementary Information Form which can be found within the Admission's Policy.



Mid Year Application


If you are thinking about transferring your child from another school and would like your child to start with us, this is called a mid year application. We would advise you contact us directly to check if we have spaces in the relevant year group.


We will then be able to advise you on how to apply. 



Secondary School Admissions


Stisted Primary Academy is within the priority admissions area for Alec Hunter. However, the primary school your child attends does not necessarily influence which secondary school your child will attend.


Each secondary school has its own admissions criteria. These should be published on their website. We advise parents to look at the admission criteria for each secondary school.


If you are thinking of sending your child to a grammar school, your child will be required to sit the 11+. These take place at a grammar school and not in our school.


Parents who are considering grammar school are strongly advised to check with each grammar school the application process and deadlines for applying to the sit the 11+


Further information on applying for secondary schools can be found on this website under the Parents tab.


 Stisted Primary Academy Admissions Policy



 Number to admit


The Standard Number of pupils to be admitted in any year group, in any academic year is 15.  In years when the number of applications exceed the number of places available, the Admissions Committee of the Governing Body will apply the criteria listed below.


  New Intake


Children will be admitted at the beginning of the Autumn term of the academic year in which they are five.


Criteria for Admission


 1. Looked after children will be given priority over all other applicants.


 2. Children who live in the civil parish of Stisted with their parent/s or legal guardian.


 3. Children who have a sibling* at Stisted CofE Primary Academy.


 4. Children of parent/s or legal guardian/s who are regular** attenders at a CofE church.


 5. Children of parent/s or legal guardian/s who are regularly** involved in the worship at a Christian church recognised by “Churches together in Britain and Ireland”.


 6. Children of parent/s or legal guardian/s who are regular** worshippers within other world faiths.


 7. Parents who wish their children to be educated at this CofE Academy.


* The definition for sibling can be found in the Essential Information for Parents section in the Essex County Council handbook ‘Primary Education in Essex’. 2017/18


**For the purpose of criteria 4, 5 and 6 above, ‘regular’ will constitute a minimum of twice monthly attendance over an eighteen month period. Written confirmation from the responsible Minister or religious leader will be required on the Supplementary Information Form (SIF) provided by the Academy after the application deadline.


In the event of over-subscription in any criteria, the Governing Body will decide admissions by giving the shortest straight line distance priority.


Closing Date


The deadline for receipt of applications for the normal admission round (Reception intake) is in line with Essex County Council’s Co-ordinated Scheme, prior to the academic year for which a place is sought.  This is 15th Januray 2018.


Parents who wish their children to attend the academy should make an application on the Local Authority common application form. A Supplementary Information Form will be required to provide relevant additional information in Categories 4, 5, 6 and 7. This will be provided after the application deadline.



Waiting List


A waiting list will be kept by Essex County Council until the end of the first week of the autumn term and there after by the Academy until the end of the first term.






Parents have a right to Appeal to a Statutory Independent Appeals Committee.  Details are available from the academy.


The Governing Body may decide to exceed the Published Admission Number of 15 for any one particular year group other than the Reception class where the relevant mixed aged class does not exceed a maximum of 30 pupils. Therefore, exceeding the Published Admission Number of 15 will only apply if the relevant class size is less than 30.


Stisted Church of England Academy sets it’s Admission Code in accordance with the School Admissions (Infant Class Sizes) (England) Regulations 2012.



Further information for applying for primary and secondary schools can be found using the Essex County Council link below :