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Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.

We have also provided a Register of Governor Interests and an Annual Statement of Issues for your information and the address of the Academy Trust on this website.



The role of trustees/governors/ directors is to :


1.  Set and maintain vision, mission and values


2.  Develop strategy


3.  Establish and monitor policies


4.  Set employment procedures


5.  Ensure compliance with the Academy's Funding Agreement and Financial Regulations


6.  Ensure compliance with the law


7.  Select, manage and support the chief executive (headteacher/principal)


8.  Maintain effective board management 




Governor Constitution  Positions  Vacancies
Assosciate       2 0
Community     1 0
Foundation DBE            4 1
Foundation Ex-Officio   1 0
Foundation P.C.C       3 0
Parent               2 0
Staff       2 0
Headteacher Ex-Officio     1 0





Membership 2017-18



Tayrina Feguson, Chair of Trustees


Rev. Tim Elbourne, Diocesan Representative


Rev. Chris Davey, Incument


Rev. K. King, PCC representative


Governors, trustees, directors                                                                                         Term End


Martin Hawrylak                  Principal                                                                               NA


Rev Chris Davey                  Incumbent, Trustee                                                            NA


Tayrina Ferguson                 Foundation PCC, Chair of Governors                             9/11/2020


Derek Adams                       Foundation PCC, Trustee                                                 31/08/2017


Fay Garrett                           Community Governor, Vice Chair of Governors          08/09/2019


Nick Eliot                               Parent Governor                                                              08/05/2020


Emma Jackson Gray           Parent Governor                                                             15/11/2020


Danielle Welsman                Staff Governor                                                                 10/11/2020


Jennifer Hardison                 Staff Governor                                                                  01/12/2019



Chloe Henderson                 Foundation DBE Governor                                            31/08/2021


Mathew Ruston                     Foundation DBE Governor                                            28/11/2020



Mark Waine                           Foundation DBE Governor                                            05/06/2020


Vacancy                               Foundation PCC Governor                                          


Vacancy                                Foundation DBE Governor


Clay Stayt                              Associate Member (1 year until 31 August 2017)


Kirsty Leech                            Associate Member (1 year until 22 November 2017)



Membership of Committees

(Governors are welcome to attend all committee meetings although will not have voting rights unless a member)


Curriculum & Standards/Pupil Related                 Finance & Premises

Derek Adams                                                            Derek Adams – Chair

Nick Eliot                                                                   Tayrina Ferguson

Tayrina Ferguson                                                      Jennifer Hardison-Taylor

Fay Garrett    (Chair)                                                 Martin Hawrylak      

Jennifer Hardison Taylor                                            Alyson Herbert                    

Martin Hayrylak                                                          Mark Waine

Vacancy (Vice Chair)                                                  Matt Ruston

Emma Jackson Grey                      









Human Resources                                                 Pay Committee                              

Tayrina Ferguson                                                    Derek Adams - Chair

Fay Garrett    (Vice Chair)                                       Tayrina Ferguson

Martin Hawrylak                                                       Fay Garrett

Alyson Herbert                                                         Martin Hawrylak (except for his)


Mark Waine – Chair                                                           

Danielle Welsman  


Pupil Discipline                                                       Pay Appeals Committee                          

To be agreed as part of a reciprocal                     To be agreed as part of a reciprocal

arrangement with another school but                   arrangement with another school but

in the meantime any suitable governor                in the meantime any suitable governor   



Staff Discipline Committee                                  Staff Discipline Appeals

To be agreed as part of a reciprocal                     To be agreed as part of a reciprocal

arrangement with another school but                    arrangement with another school but

in the meantime any suitable governor                in the meantime any suitable governor                                                   

Governor Responsibilities

Child Protection & Safeguarding                                Fay Garrett

SEND                                                                         Vacancy

Health & Safety                                                          Fay Garrett to handover to Clay Stayt

Finance Monitoring/Responsible Officer                    Derek to handover to Clay Stayt

Religious Education                                                   Tayrina Ferguson

Governor Induction                                                   Derek Adams

Link Governor                                                           Tayrina Ferguson, to handover to Emma                                                                                                                                                       Jackson Grey


If you wish to contact the Academy Trust, the office address is :


Chair of Governors

Stisted Primary Academy Trust

Stisted CE Primary Academy

The Street



CM77 8AN


Governor Attendance 2015/16      
Governor Full Governing Body Finance & Premises Human Resources Pupil Related, Admissions, & Curriculum & Standards
Derek Adams 7/7 4/4 2/2 1/3
Chris Davey 0/7 * * *
Eleanor Coulson 2/3 * * 2/2
Elaine Davey 2/2 1/1 * 0/2
Nick Eliot 1/1 * * *
Tayrina Ferguson 7/7 4/4 2/2 3/3
Fay Garrett 3/7 * 3/3 *
Sue Gurteen 3/3 1/1 * 2/2
Jennifer Hardison Taylor 3/4 3/3 * *
Martin Hawrylak 7/7 4/4 2/2 3/3
Alyson Herbert 4/7 * * *
Kirsty Leech 3/7 * * *
Clay Stayt 2/7 * * 1/3
Louise Thain 3/7 * 1/2 1/3
Mark Waine 5/7 4/4 2/2 *
Gareth Williams 2/7 * 2/2 *
  * member not on that    committee      
Governor attendance is calculated by the number of meetings attended over the maximum number they could have attended as a member of that committee.      

Register of Business Interests