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Behaviour and school rules

School Rules and Expectations


  • Follow instructions. All children are expected to follow reasonable instructions given by an authorised adult in charge. This may be a teacher, Learning Support Assistant, Admin staff, mid day supervisor, parent helper, visiting teacher etc


  • Respect people. All children are expected to communicate and interact with one another and with adults in a way that is respectful. This includes children accepting that the adult in charge has the authority to take appropriate action. This also includes using appropriate language, tone of voice and non-verbal communication (body language).  Rude language should never be tolerated.


  • Respect property. All children should respect their own and other people’s property and take care of books, equipment and the school building.


  • Be friendly, be polite. This means saying please and thank you, listening to others  and showing an interest. Addressing and responding to adults and other children in an appropriate way e.g. replying to an adult greeting a child. An aggressive tone should not be tolerated. Children are expected to exhibit good manners.


  • Be safe to yourself and others.. All children should conduct themselves in a way that promotes the safety and well being of themselves and others. This means walking within the school building, using equipment appropriately, playing in a way that does not lead to someone hurting themselves. Physical violence is not acceptable, neither is retaliation.


  • Be considerate, be thoughtful, be fair and tell the truth. All children are expected to be considerate towards others in and around the school. This means when other people are working , letting them work and keeping the noise down, playing games fairly, telling the truth keeping the rules of the game, sharing equipment etc.


  • Be smart. Children are expected to wear the correct school uniform. Jewellery, fleeces and trainers should not be worn in school unless there is a good and agreed reason for this. Make up is not allowed.


  • Be a role model. Children are expected to act as ambassadors for the school at all times. This includes during lessons, between lessons and off site activities organised by the school e.g. school trips, sporting events etc. Children are expected to manage their own behaviour including times where there is less supervision.


  • Let others learn and enjoy school. Every child has a right to learn. Children are expected to act in a way that allows learning and enjoyment to take place. Children should not interrupt lessons and disturb or prevent children from their learning.


  • Encourage others to follow the school’s rules and expectations. All children have the responsibility for upholding the school’s values, rules and expectations.  Where children witness a breech of school rules or expectations, they are expected to act in way that does not contribute or escalate the inappropriate behaviour.