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Welcome back! Here are some photos of how the class will look when you return.........

A message to the Year 1 parents! 


Over the last two weeks, we have been assessing the children both at home and at school in; reading, writing and maths.

Over the summer holidays it would be really helpful if you could continue to work on the following areas;


* shape - especially recognising 3D shapes

* Time - reading a clock

* Money - recognising all of the coins and their values

* Days of the week/Months of the year - knowing the order!

* Direction - knowing their left and right


* Recognising the high frequency words (HFW) at speed! 

* Comprehension - please use the year 1 bookmarks


*HANDWRITING!!!! - making sure the letters are formed correctly and sit on or under the line.

*Spellings - practise HFW and spelling patterns


Thank you! Have a great summer and I can't wait to see you all in September, 

Mrs Welsman

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