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Daily activity ideas while not at school

While your child is at home the following are ideas of things they can do which will benefit their learning. I would love to see any updates on Tapestry of what you have been doing.


  • The High Frequency Words spellings from the recent spelling test posted on Tapestry.
  • Practise writing words containing Phase 3 phonemes. Sheets provided in your Home Learning Packs.
  • Daily reading of Letters and Sounds booklets. I put plastic pockets of words and sounds to add to your child's booklets as and when they are ready for new ones. Please don't put them all in.  Just add a sheet to either book as and when they are ready. With the uncertainty of how long we will be out of school I put in plenty but please return any unused words/sounds when we return to school.
  • Reading books.
  • Letter and number formation.
  • Writing numbers in order from 1-20.
  • Counting money.
  • Taking about days, months, time.
  • Addition sums (up to 9+9).
  • Subtraction sums (taking small numbers away from numbers up to 20).
  • RMeasimaths.
  • Acting out / making up stories with puppets / small world toys.
  • Writing simple stories, recounts, instructions, diaries.
  • Planting seeds and watching things grow.
  • Throwing, catching, kicking, rolling a ball.
  • Going for safe walks and looking for changes.
  • Bird watching (sheets in your packs).
  • Crafts.
  • Designing and making things from construction or junk materials.
  • Listening to stories and answering questions about them.