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Monday 13th July

Hello Class 2! I have attached a weather sorting game for you to play this week. If you do not have a printer, please don't worry, you could make your own version by writing out the words or drawing pictures. The aim is to sort the clothing into each weather type. Hint: The rubber wellies go in the rainy weather (il pleut).

Have fun!

Mrs Last

Monday 6th July

Hello Class 2

Using what you have learnt about the weather, try to fill in the missing words on the worksheet below.

Mrs Last

Monday 29th June

Hello Class 2!

Start your French work by watching the Weather song again from Youtube:

This week I would like you to look through my Powerpoint on the weather. Then I would like you to match the weather pictures with the correct French words (use the Powerpoint to help you). If you have a printer then you can print the pictures, if not, draw the different weather types and label them with the French words.

Mrs Last

Monday 22nd June

Hello Class 2!

This week we will be starting a new topic: The Weather! I would like you to watch a short song on Youtube:

Quel temps fait il? Alain le lait

 Then draw a picture to show what the weather is like outside. Please write our new question at the top of your picture: Quel temps fait il? (What is the weather like?)

Mrs Last

Monday 4th May

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