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Literacy task

This week we are moving on to learning about the Easter story and Easter traditions. 


The Easter story can be watch using this link:


Please watch the story with your children and pause it for them to talk to you and ask questions. Obviously some parts of the story are sad and children may want to talk about that. 


The ELG we are focusing on is: 


ELG 01 - Listening and attention - Children  listen to stories, accurately anticipating key events, and respond to what they hear with relevant comments, questions or actions.


ELG 2 - Understanding  - Children answer ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions in response to stories.


The Exceeding target is:


ELG 2 - Understanding - After listening to stories children can express views about events or characters in the story and answer questions about why things happened.


If your child would like to do some writing about part of the story I have attached some writing frame pictures to use as prompts. These can either be printed out or your child can write directly on to them using a computer.


I have also attached a flip book to help the children retell the story which you may use if you would like.