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Maths task

For maths this week we are returning to addition. The children in the class are at 2 different stages in addition. Children reach the second stage when they are developmentally ready, it can't be pushed, but can be encouraged.


Stage 1 - Children need to count all items when adding two numbers together. Children will need to use enough objects to count all. 

Stage 2 - Children are able to keep the larger number in their head and count on. Children will only need the smaller number of objects.


To reach the Early Learning Goal for the end of the reception year the children need to be able to achieve stage 2 but lots of work needs to be completed to get there. The more addition that you work on the more likely your child is to move from Stage 1 to Stage 2.


If you are not sure what I mean by counting on this clip on You Tube may help.


There are other clips if you search 'counting on'.


I have attached some nice colour by numbers seaside addition sheets. If you don't have a printer at home then you can write similar addition sums in your child's book. 


40-60 months - Children find the total number of items in two groups by counting all of them.

ELG - Using quantities and objects, children add two single-digit numbers and count on to find the answer.

Exceeding - Children are often able to complete addition sums without objects to help them.