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Maths task

For our maths learning this week we are looking at 3D shapes.


The objectives are:


ELG: Children explore the characteristics of everyday objects and shapes and use mathematical language to describe them.


Exceeding: Children talk about the properties of shapes.


The tasks are as follows:


  • Learn the names of the 3D shapes on the powerpoint - sphere, cube, pyramid, cuboid, cylinder, cone, triangular prism. 
  • Identify objects around the home and outdoors which are these shapes.
  • Have a go at some of the activities on the attached sheet. Please don't do the shop activity instead this could be in safe outdoor places.
  • Learn some of the properties of these shapes e.g how many edges, how many faces, how many vertices. This is an exceeding task so please don't worry if your child finds this difficult. 


Please put any posts on Tapestry linked to this work.


Fun ideas to help learn about 3D shapes