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Stisted Primary Academy is a smaller than average Church of England school. The number of pupils on roll is 106 (January 2021). 


We have been a Single Academy Trust since 2011 and are part of the local Primary Learning Network. The majority of children live outside the priority admission area and travel into the village. 


The school has a strong Christian ethos and has obtained an outstanding grade in the last 3 Statutory Inspection for Methodist and Anglican Schools -the last inspection was in 2018.


Central to our curriculum is character and personal development. Our academic performance is also strong. Standards and attainment have consistently been above the national average over a sustained period despite small cohorts which can occasionally show year to year fluctuations greater than the national average.


The characteristics that we are most proud of include :        


  • A calm, nurturing, purposeful and orderly learning environment.
  • Sustained high standards of attainment across all three key stages in the core subjects including more able children.
  • Positive attitudes towards promoting inclusion and the quality of provision for children with complex and life-long learning difficulties.
  • A broad, varied and relevant curriculum designed to help children thrive in modern Britain including an alternative Montessori curriculum and provision for children who learn differently.
  • The quality and value we place on Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development and its impact on the children’s character development.
  • A nurturing loving learning community and positive relationships between members of the community.
  • The quality and value we place on Religious Education and Collective Worship.
  • A thirst and drive for being a self-improving school.




Applying for a Place 


Stisted Primary Academy is a small school and we can only accommodate 15 pupils in each year group. We have 7 year groups in total and a maximum capacity of 105 pupils.


You can apply for a place for your child by completing an application form. Your application will be processed in line with our admissions policy. We also participate in Essex County Council's locally coordinated admissions scheme for our September Reception Intake.


Please contact at the school office or Essex County Council's Planning and Admission's Department for an application form. You will find our most recent Admissions Policy in the Policies and Documents section of this website.



Mid year Applications 


If your child is currently attending a different school and you would like to apply for a mid-year place, you can do this by completing the online application form using the link below :


Our Learning Environment


Our school building has been modernised and extended several times, most recently in 2014 with the addition of an all-weather Multi-Use Games Area. In 2010, two new fully equipped air conditioned classrooms were built and in 2013 we converted the former resource area into an enhanced provision unit for children with different learning needs to provide a Montessori Curriculum.


We have 4 well-resourced classrooms in total, a spacious school hall, kitchen, group room, wildlife area, allotment, playground, an early years outdoor play area including an extensive school playing field with spectacular views of the Essex countryside.


We have two break out group rooms where small groups can be taught and a large airy school hall.


We have our own allotment and wildlife area in the school grounds. This is managed by staff and children. All produce is used by our kitchen and served to children who opt for a school dinner. We also take the children out into the village and local woods.


Every class has at least one school trip per year. Recent destinations include Danbury, Mersea, Southend, Great Notley Country Park and the Is;e of Wight.



Class Organisation 


Small cohort sizes mean classes are taught in mixed age year groups apart from our Reception Class which has 15 children.  The children, aged 4 - 11, are taught in four classes.


Class 1 : Reception (4-5 yr olds)

Class 2 : Year 1&2 (5-7 yr olds)

Class 3 : Year 3&4 (7-9 yr olds)

Class 4 : Year 5&6 (9-11 yr olds)


Special Educational Needs 


Our school has an excellent reputation for our provision for children with specific learning needs. Support is given both within class lessons and sometimes in small groups. This is monitored by the School’s Special Needs Coordinator. Teaching assistants are also used to support groups of pupils. Children with SEN will have their needs assessed and receive specific support or provision based on an Individual Education Plan.


We also have an enhanced provision Montessori Classroom and curriculum specifically designed for children with specific or additional needs. The Montessori influenced environment is a calm but busy environment where the children are involved in small group or individual activities. The equipment and environment is designed to develop children’s concentration, co-ordination and independence.


Our carefully designed activities are matched to a child’s Individual Education Plan and are aimed to develop their sensory, numeric, language and practical skills.


Children's Safety


We are committed to the protection and safety of your child. This includes their health, safety and general well-being. Child Protection is the responsibility of everyone who works in the school. The Headteacher is the named Designated Person for Child Protection matters. All members of staff receive training in child protection procedures and how to keep your child safe. This training is regularly updated. All adults who are in regular contact with children are police checked and vetted with the Disclosure and Barring Service. A copy of the Child Protection Policy can be collected from the School Office.


The Community 


We have close links with the local pre-school and with our neighbouring secondary schools. Local residents sometimes join us for various events throughout the year and our older pupils visit a local Residential Home at Christmas, to entertain the residents with Christmas carols. We value these contacts and feel these experiences provide the pupils with new perspectives and opportunities to practise life skills.



Religious Festivals


Harvest Festival is celebrated at All Saints’ Church at the end of September. This service is planned and prepared by the school. Parents and friends of Stisted Academy are welcome and encouraged to attend. Christmas is celebrated by our older children at All Saints’ Church with an afternoon and evening church service for parents. A Nativity play is usually performed by our younger learners. This is held in the school hall. Easter is celebrated at All Saints’ Church. This service is planned and prepared by the school.


Collective Worship


Collective worship is of a Christian nature as required by the school’s Trust Deed. Each day there is a whole-school Act of Worship. Collective Worship is an important part of children's entitlement to religious experience and reflection. We believe this contributes positively to your child's spiritual and moral development.

Collective Worship is led by different individuals including the headteacher, class teachers, visitors and the local vicar.



Friends of Stisted Academy 


Friends of Stisted Academy (FOSA) is a parent group who organise and arrange fund raising events throughout the year. Meetings are held on a half termly basis. Events are advertised through the weekly school newsletter.



School Meals


We provide an extensive menu of hot cooked food at lunchtime. All meals are cooked using fresh ingredients in our own kitchen by our chef. You will have the choice of sending your child with a packed lunch or purchasing one of our delicious hot meals.


School Uniform 


At Stisted Primary Academy, we believe the wearing of school uniform is an important part of school life. We believe it gives your child the feeling of belonging and that school is a special place and community. Parents have always been extremely co-operative in supporting this aspect of school life. Our school colour is blue.



School Attendance


The school’s overall attendance rate is excellent. Our average attendance rate is consistently above the county and national average. This means children do not have much time off school. We believe good attendance and punctuality are significant factors in the rate of progress your child makes. We strongly discourage parents from taking their children out of school for holidays during term time. This is because our lessons are carefully sequenced and any absence can seriously disrupt children's learning which can leave gaps in their knowledge and understanding in important learning goals.





After School Clubs 


We organise a range of after school clubs and extra-curricular activities for our children. These vary throughout the year. Currently, all after school clubs run on Wednesday. The range of opportunities we provide include hockey, cookery, cheer leading, art, badminton and ICT. We also run a Bible Club and Running Club at lunchtimes. We also arrange after school football coaching for children interested in pursuing their soccer skills.



Parent Meetings


We know parents value the opportunity to speak to their child’s class teacher. Teacher’s may informally talk to you about a specific issue or concern you have at the end of the day. We also host formal Parent Evenings. The format of Parent Evenings/consultations varies depending on the time of year.


In the Autumn term, we have a formal Parents Evening on two consecutive nights of the week and during the Spring term, we have earlier appointments after school and invite children in Classes 2 to 4 to accompany their parents. In the summer term, we hold an exhibition evening for parents to view their children’s achievements.



Home Induction 


If your child is due to start in our Reception Class, the class teacher will visit you and your child at home so that we can get to know you. We will also arrange a meeting for new parents and give you a Starting School Induction. There will also be a chance for your child to visit and stay for two mornings and an afternoon. This includes staying for lunch and you are welcome to join your child on this day.






At Playtime all children are supervised by an adult. Your child will be able to use break time to go to the toilet, have a drink and snack and socialise with their peers. We have an extensive school field and play facilities where your child will be able to run around, play games and meet their friends. Playtime also offers your child much needed exercise and fresh air which also sets them up for learning in the next lesson.


Adult play supervisors are on hand to organise games and include all children particular those children with additional learning needs.



Learning Experiences


We recognise that primary schools offer children the opportunity to have a wide range of enjoyable, memorable and worthwhile experiences. We aim for every child to have experienced the following at least once whilst they are at our school :