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We have grouped curricular objectives into Bands. This means the objectives within the same Band are supposed to be broadly of a similar level.


These Bands are based on the expectations of each year group.


For example, the objectives in Band 1 are those expected of a Year 1 child. The objectives in Band 3 are the objectives expected of a child in Year 3.


Band 0 has been designed for children who have not yet achieved Band 1.


Within each Band are a number of objectives each child is assessed against. The children are assessed relative to how well they know, understand and can apply their understanding of each objective.


For example, a child will be deemed to have a basic understanding if they know and understand the objective. They will be deemed to be secure if they can apply their knowledge and understanding of the objective in different contexts. The will have deemed to have mastered the objective if they use the objective in an anylytical way.