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Our school meals are £2.50 per meal or £2.30 if payed for in advance or on the day.  There is a vegetarian choice and a meat option.


Each week we email the following week’s menu with the weekly newsletter.  If you wish for your child to have a meal on any or all of the days, please put your child’s initial in the relevant boxes and either email it to the address or send it to the school office in the same clearly marked envelope you send the payment.



If you pay in advance (or at the latest by 9:00 am on the day the meal is required) you will be given a discount making the cost of the meal £2.30.  Your will receive a receipt for all dinner monies paid.


Although you can book a meal for you child on the day (except for special days) we encourage you to book in advance to ensure that there is enough food ordered to cater for all.


Your child will be given help to cut up food if necessary but are encouraged to try for themselves.


Please Note:

  • All monies should be in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name, reason for payment (i.e. dinner money, trip).


  • Children are encouraged to eat all of their meal or at least to try something if they feel they do not like it.