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Temperatures and Testing

If your child has a high temperature (38C or more), or they feel hot to the touch on the forehead or their back or tummy, this could be a sign of coronavirus, and you must keep your child at home and arrange a test. You should do this even if you think it is a cold.  


If your child has a minor cold (no high temperature, no new persistent cough, no loss of taste and smell), you do not need to arrange a test and your child can come to school. 


If your child has a high temperature and a test is not arranged, your child will have to stay off school for at least 10 days after the symptoms emerged before we can allow them to return.  


If the test result is negative and no one else on the household has coronavirus, your child can return to school.   


We are not routinely temperature testing every child as they arrive but if we believe a child may have a high temperature, we will take their temperature as part of our routine duty of care. 


If a child is recording a temperature of 38C or more, they must go home and will not be allowed to return for at least 10 days or earlier if the result proves negative. 


We are aware that a high temperature is not always coronavirus related but we need to rule out that possibility.  

Unfortunately, if your child has a high temperature and has not taken a coronavirus test but you been told they can attend school, this is in stark contrast to what schools have been told and the guidance we have been asked to implement.  


The guidance for schools is very clear on this particular matter: anyone with coronavirus symptoms must not attend school irrespective of whether there is a national shortage of tests. 


We appreciate arranging a test is currently proving difficult and frustrating and 9 times out of 10 it may simply be a common cold but it is only a matter of time before one test comes back positive.