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In our RE learning this week we were going to learn about the Easter Story and answer the question - Why do Christians put three crosses in an Easter Garden?


An Easter Garden is a miniature garden Christians make to tell the story of what happened on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The Easter story is a story of sadness followed by happiness. Our Easter Garden tells us how much God loved everyone and that he would forgive the world of all the sins so everyone could start again and be friends with God again. Our Easter Garden is a story of sadness because Jesus died on a cross. The cross in the Easter garden reminds us of Jesus’ cross. There are two more crosses because Jesus died with two other sinners on the same day. There is a tomb in our Easter Garden, a tomb is like a cave. On Sunday, sadness turned to happiness, the tomb was empty. It was empty because Jesus came back to life again. This was a miracle. Only God could perform miracles. The tomb in the Easter Garden is empty except for a white robe that Jesus’ body was wrapped in. The first person who saw Jesus after he came alive was a woman called Mary, not his mother Mary, but a different Mary. Mary saw him in a garden where she was collecting flowers. She was full of happiness when she realised it was Jesus. Our Easter Garden has flowers and plants to remind us that Jesus is alive.


Please try to make your own Easter Garden at home:

The important items you will need are: 

- A tray of some sort

- Compost or soil

- 3 crosses (you can make these with sticks and string)

- A plant pot - to signify the tomb

- A large stone - to signify the rock covering the entrance to the tomb

- A piece of white material - to signify the robe that was around Jesus' body in the tomb

- Flowers - to signify new life, Jesus being alive

- You can add stones, moss, sticks to decorate your garden


Please upload photos of your gardens onto Tapestry.