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This term our topic is 'At the Seaside'.


We will start with British Seasides. The following clip is quite a good one to show what is traditional on a trip to the British Seaside. There is a random bit in the middle which you can just skip over 3:08 to 3:52. It is designed for people learning English as a foreign language.


Please talk with your children about any trips where you have been to the British Seaside. Talk about the names of the seaside towns you have visited and look at family photos if you have any. 


I have included some fine motor activities related to the seaside which you might like to do with your child.  Developing fine motor skills is really important while your child isn't at school as these help with handwriting skills. 


We would love to see clips on Tapestry of your child talking about trips to the British seaside and any of the worksheets.